Destination Cederberg

Nelda van Zyl


Rooibos & Buchu Tour

Join us for a visit to a well-established Rooibos Tea and Buchu farm that produces and sells quality packaged retail Organic Buchu and Rooibos tea products, locally and internationally.
Guided by an expert farm guide along the sandy hills of this extraordinary organic family farm, you will receive in dept information on how Rooibos Tea and Buchu is cultivated, processed and in the end enjoyed.


Rooibos & Buchu Tour
Rooibos & Buchu Tour
Rooibos & Buchu Tour


Morning Tours starts at 08h30
Afternoon Tours starts at 14h00
These times may differ from season to season

Saturday Tours - Minimum pax of 6 need to be booked well in advance *
Sundays - No Tours available

08h00 Pickup
08h30 Meet & Greet at farm - Tour starts


Farm Visiting
The farm's two main products, namely buchu and rooibos, are grown and processed on own soil. Visitors to the farm will get to see these two plants as they occur naturally in the wild, as well as how Buchu and Rooibos are being farmed organically sustainable.

They will also be able to see how the farm produces its trademark red and green rooibos teas - a process that starts in the farms special rooibos seedling beds as well as the nursery for the buchu seedlings.

Visit The Wormery
One of the key features in the farms organic success is the wormery, another highlight for visiting Buchu & Rooibos enthusiasts. Providing organic fertiliser for the cultivated Buchu and Rooibos plants is essential, and we have mastered using worm tea to give our plants the boost they need.

Tea Tasting and Shop
Once the tour has ended, you can join the farm team at the office for a tea tasting. Enjoy exploring the smells, tastes and sensations, before delving into the pioneering world of buchu based products. If anything grabs your fancy, browse the Tea shop, stocked with the farm's full range of products.


Package includes

• Transport from Velskoendraai Farmstall to farm and return
 A guided tour of the farm by one of the local farm guides
• Tea tasting
• Some healthy buchu water to enjoy while on tour


Optional or additional (excluded in the price)

• Breakfast, snacks & water for the duration of the morning
• Transport from Cape Town
• Lunch or snacks



Approximately 2 hours


Please bring your own

• Water
• Sun hat and sunscreen
• Insect repellent & handkerchief
• Camera, comfortable shoes, walking stick, Binoculars
• Warm jacket



Minimum of 2 guests
Price will depend on the number of guests


Days available

Tours are available from Monday to Sunday.
Not all activities may be available at all times, but this will be discussed with the group beforehand.
Should you prefer a tour on a Sunday; the itinerary will be adapted according to which activities are available.